Tarrant County Insurance Professionals

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Tarrant County Insurance Professionals are committed to:


Through providing support and knowledges to all insurance professionals


By bringing educational opportunities to its members and the general community


From enhancing others' lives through our community service


As a result of building professional relationships and affiliations



Tanya Copple  1989-1990
Rhonda McRae  1990-1991
Jerita O'Neal  1991-1992
Mona Roder  1992-1993
Mary Chapa  1993-1994
Barbara Shipley  1994-1995
Linda Saupp  1995-1996
Shelly Shaw  1996-1997
Rebecca Klein  1997-1998
Linda Saupp  1998-1999
Carolyn Maples  1999-2000
Linda Simpson  2000-2001
Cathy Vinson  2001-2002
D'Ann Woodle  2002-2003
Cynthia Pinson  2003-2004
Stephanie Henderson  2004-2005
Karen Ashton  2005-2006
Carolyn Maples  2006-2007
Linda Saupp  2007-2008
Jerita O'Neal  2008-2009
Cynthia Pinson  2009-2010

Cynthia Pinson  2010-2011

Jodi Berger  2011-2012

Sheryl Watkins  2012-2013

Sheryl Watkins  2013-2014

Wendy Rhoden  2014-2015

The Birth of TCIP

By Jerita O'Neal


 In the Fall of 1989, Becki Tucker came to the Cordell Insurance Agency office on an Agency visit. Several of us started discussing that we wanted to start a Local Association in Fort Worth because

The Insurance Women of the Metroplex meetings were held in the evening and most of us could not attend anything but a lunch meeting due to family or school obligations:

At that first meeting: Tanya Copple, Rhonda McRae ( retired),  Jerita B. O'Neal, Sue Womack ( deceased), and Pam Benton ( deceased), and Becky Tucker (retired) ( Former FIWT Prsident) at Colonial  Cafeteria in late November. Our second Meeting, Becky Tucker wasn’t there, but Vickie Taff (Ross)  was, We voted and our first officers were:

Tanya Copple First President

 Rhonda McRae, President Elect

 Pam Benton ( worked at AIS) VP

 Sue Womack, Secretary

 Vickie Taff (Ross) , (AIS) Treasurer

It was the Birth of Insurance Women of Tarrant County,

And opportunity to participate with FIWT at lunch, so that we who could not meet in the evening would have a chance to grow and fellowship….with each other:

When it became Jerita O’Neal’s turn to be the 3rd President, her ( now deceased husband) who had seen the FIWT Box, had a Gavel Box made for IWTC  (TCIP Now) by a local cabinet shop…

And look at the Gavel Box Now! Wow-

And we have come along way Baby!  We have met at Dos Gringos, A sandwich shop on Summit, Ole South Pancake House, The Bavarian Bakery/Café, and a little restaurant off I30 that no longer

Exists….We held garage sales for fund raisers, redecorated a bedroom for a Women’s Shelter, cooked and served many, many meals at Ronald MacDonald House. We have won FTWT membership awards,  Education Awards, and now our members have hosted several FIWT Conventions…..

We grew professionally and personally through our association with FIWT Mid-year’s and Conventions, sharing information and learning how to speak in public ( and get over the fear- Carolyn Maples)

And through fellowship and volunteering… we have shared births, deaths, marriage, and divorces through the years…. Persistence….and fellowship for the good of the members, FIWT, and the community…

Wow what a ride…. Where did the time go…….